By Law    


Article 1


The name of the organization shall be 'UAE TAMIL SANGAM'.

Article 2


The Association shall be a secular, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization having the following objectives:



       To promote knowledge of Tamil and Tamil culture among those who are interested and to provide a medium for mutual contact for them.

        To provide for its members and their families instructions and materials for studying the Tamil language and for learning about Tamil culture and Tamil Traditions.

      To collect and circulate among members Tamil and related books and journals.

         To interact with other similar organizations

      To arrange Tamil literary, cultural and social functions of interest among members and their families

         To provide other services in the interest of Tamil.


Article 3


This Association does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members or officers and it is organized for nonprofit purposes. The financial transactions shall be carried out as set forth in the bylaws.



Upon dissolution or winding up of the organization, its assets remaining after payment of, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this organization, shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation or corporation which is organized and operated exclusively for literary purposes and which has established its tax exempt status under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If this organization holds any assets in trust, or a corporation is formed for charitable purposes, such assets shall be disposed of in such a manner as may be directed by decree of the superior court of the county In which the organization has its principal office, upon petition therefore by the Attorney General or by a person concerned in the liquidation, in a proceeding to which the Attorney General is a party.

Article 4


The Association shall function in Sharjah primarily in the Abu Shagara Area. The Association shall have a general body consisting of its voting members. The members will elect officers every two years.

The general administrative powers shall rest with the Committee members defined in article six. The meetings and activities of the association shall be held as per the bylaws.

Article 5

Membership and Dues

The membership shall be open to anyone interested in Tamil and Tamil culture, and who is at least eighteen years of age. The different classes of members’ dues and method of collection, voting and other rights shall be as set forth in the bylaws.

Article 6

Officers & Executive Committee


The association shall have 5 officers elected annually by the general membership. Their titles in the hierarchical order are as follows:

President, General Secretary, Entertainment Secretary, Public Relation Secretary and Treasurer/Auditor



The Executive Committee shall have 10 voting members (including ladies wing) consisting of the 4 officers and the immediate past president. In addition, the president or the committee may co-opt not more than three non-voting members for executing specific tasks.

The term of officers and the Executive committee shall be for two year coinciding with the fiscal year set forth in the bylaws. The president can continue in office for two or more successive terms depending on the capacity to run the show. The duties of the officers shall be as stated in the bylaws.

Article 7

Elections of Officers

The officers shall be elected by ballot at a general meeting of the Association. At least ten days notice shall be given to the members.  Prior to the expiration of their term the Executive Committee shall be responsible for nominations and conducting the election of officers for the following term.




Article 1

Office and Address

Until such a time a permanent office and address are established, all correspondence shall be addressed to P.O.Box 233177, UAE.

Article 2.

Membership and Dues

Section – 1: Classes of Members

The association shall have the following classes of membership : Individual membership, family membership which makes head of the family, spouse, children and dependent parents members, student membership for full time students and their family and, patrons who are distinguished persons contributing to the growth of the Association and elected by the members.


Section – 2

Rights & Privileges

Membership bestows the eligibility to participate in all Association activities to each individual covered.

Section – 3


The term of membership will coincide with the fiscal year of the Association. Dues shall be paid at the beginning of each term. Membership shall take effect when the membership dues for the term have been paid and will be effective until the end of the term.

Article 3

Duties of the officers



The President

         The President shall be responsible for initiating and running all activities of the association.

      He / She shall preside over, or arrange a Master of Ceremonies for, all functions.

         He / She shall have the authority to appoint subcommittees to carry out any activities of the Association.

         He / She shall also appoint officers for any midterm or temporary vacancies arising in the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term.

       He / She shall also represent and act as the Executive Officer of the Association at public functions.

The General Secretary

  • The General Secretary shall be responsible for Community Relations

  • He/She shall be responsible publishing bulletins

  • He/She shall be responsible for communication and publicity

  • He/She shall be responsible for Membership Drives

  • He / She shall also be in charge of educational activities.

The Cultural


         The Cultural Secretary operating under the President shall be responsible for arranging cultural and social activities and entertainment.

The Treasurer

      The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all association funds with the approval of the Executive Committee.

        The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all financial transactions and membership dues.

      He / She shall make a financial report at every meeting of the general membership and of the Executive Committee.

         He / She will prepare an annual budget at the beginning of each term. At the end of each term the treasurer shall make an annual financial report and shall transmit all undisbursed funds to his successor.

The PR Secretary

       The Secretary shall have custody of the Association's Constitution and Bylaws and all other records of the association except financial.

         The secretary shall take and keep minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the general membership.

         He / She shall keep an up-to-date list of members with correct addresses and will send a copy of the same to all members within a month from the beginning of each term.

     The secretary shall also be responsible for asking for nominations for the elections and for holding elections at the proper time.

      The Secretary shall be the official greeter of the Association for all functions. He shall be-responsible for reception of members and of guests.


         All officers shall be directly responsible to the president or the General Secretary in the absence of the president.

Article 4

Finances and

fiscal year

         The annual financial report shall be audited by an honorary auditor appointed by the incoming president. All disbursements above 500 Dhs will be executed in the form of checks duly signed by both the treasurer and tile president or the administrative vice president.

         The fiscal Year of the Association shall begin on the first of May of every year and end on the thirtieth of April of the following year.

Article 5

Termination of

Executive Membership

      The President of UAE Tamil Sangam reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the membership of committee and members without notice as permitted by law, of UAE TAMIL SANGAM on the following basis.

      Any committee member or member can be terminated on the following basis:

    1. Misbehavior in public - Physical, Verbal or Mental abuse of Committee Members, Ladies Wing, Association Members, General public, Media, other associations or any individual during their meetings or events

2. Insulting the Executive committee members (Physically or verbally) in public meeting.

3. Distribution of any alcoholic drink to participants or celebrities attending the events without intimating the President.

4. Having association with any other Sangam as executive committee member without the knowledge of the President.

5. Creating negative influence or spreading negative comments (if any) about the association to Committee Members, Ladies Wing, Association Members, General public, Media, other associations or any individual thereof.

6. Handling finances without the knowledge of the President or Treasurer

7. Misusing or Selling the Association's Members Database (Name, Phone Number or Email Address)

8. Spoiling the name of the Association by word of mouth or by any other means

9. Disclosing details about the finances of the association to general public or other associations

10. Showing untrustworthy behavior.



         Each year the Association shall arrange at least three functions to celebrate such special events as Pongal, Tamil New Year"s Day, Deepavali.., Christmas..., Eid...Special functions such as receptions to dignitaries or cultural programs may be called for by the President,

      The Association may arrange such activities as Tamil language, music (Karnatic, light or Folk) Dance (Classical, cinematic or folk), Sports, Talent Show, Talk Show.. sightseeing trip and picnics among members located within reasonable commuting distances in any community at the request of ten or more members.



of by laws

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the members by a majority of the members present. Such amendment must be proposed in writing by an active member at least ten days in advance of the meeting.