1. In order to install fonts on a Microsoft Windows computer, you must first download the fonts that you wish to install. Once you’ve done that, you should close all Windows applications.

  2. Launch the Start Menu, select Settings, and open the Control Panel (if you are an XP/Vista user, you need not open the Settings directory). In the Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes. If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000 or have the Control Panel in Classic View, then double-click Fonts and proceed to step four.

  3. Click Fonts under See Also in the task pane. If your computer presents you with a folder tree and not a task pane, then select Folders on the toolbar. Under the See Also category, click Fonts.

  4. Select Install New Font under the File Menu.

  5. Select the drive that the font(s) is located on, in the list of drives.

  6. In the Folders list, double-click the folder containing the font(s) you’d like to install.

  7. After that, all you’d have to do is click on the font you’d like to add and then click on the OK button. If you wish to install multiple fonts, hold down the CTRL key and select the fonts you want to install.